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var myRand = Math.random(); // Get a random number from 0 to 1 var zeroToSix = myRand * 6; // Get a random number from 0 to 6, not including 6 var zeroToFive = Math.floor(zeroToSix); //Floor it, maiking it 0 to 5 var oneToSix = zeroToFive + 1; // Guarantees that it will be 1 […]

1. Log in to your server via SSH 2. Create the directory where you want to place SSL certificate files mkdir SSL 2. Navigate to a chosen directory where you want your certificate to be placed cd SSL 3. Generate a certificate signing request and a key file: openssl req -new -newkey rsa:2048 -nodes -keyout […]

A freeze frame is the effect of “stopped time”. It’s typically used at highest emotional points, positive or negative: a character’s triumph, as in Rocky or a character’s suffering. Movies sometimes end with freeze frames (“Farewell, friend”, “400 blows”). A wide-spread technique is to halt the action on the freeze frame and to let the […]

Yes! You can write hide, show or toggle instead of the numeric value inside animate function in jQuery.

You can use removeClass() function: $(‘#myDiv’).removeClass(‘myOldClass’);

Use delay() function. For example: $(‘p:first’) .hide() .slideDown(‘slow’) .delay(2000) .fadeOut();